This is a collaborative story done by sixth graders in Southampton, Massachusetts, over the December 2006 holiday break. Mr. Hodgson began a story about a mole and the students took over from there. Thanks for reading our story!


The Mole in the Hole
Started by Mr. H

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There was a time when the mole did not love his little hole. It had been nothing more than a simple cave of mud walls and that was it. But Mr. Mole, who had known mud walls of his life, was looking for something different. He wanted to spruce up his little mole home. He wanted to be different from all the other moles in his neighborhood. But how should he do that?
It just so happened that one day, while searching around for some fat juicy slugs, that Mr. Mole ran into a tiny mouse named Bob, and that presented Mr. Mole with an opportunity. After all, mice can sneak around almost anywhere and they can surely steal some human things. Maybe this little mouse might have something that Mr. Mole could put in his hole.
"Little mouse," Mr. Mole began...

"Yes" Replied Little Mouse
"Do you think you could take me to the big world were all those 'big people" live?" asked Mr.Mole

"Well" Bob repiled and countinued "I could, but it would be very risky."
"Why?" questioned mole
"Well, There are huge houses and buildings that you can get lost in." said Bob
"That's not that bad!" said mole
"Well you have not heard the half, There are cars, vaccum cleaners, hudge 4 legged beasts, and worst of all humans!" Said little mouse

"Good point, let's go to Walmart instead."
"What's a Walmart?", said the Mole.
"It's a place huge store with lots of crazy stuff inside of it," said Bob. Just the thought of it made him twitch. "It's almost as wonderful as the land of the Magical Wombats."
"Magical Wombats? Do you believe in them?" asked Mole.
"Of course. Everyone knows that Magical Wombats exist. They are like guardian angels that look out for rodents. You just need to believe and they will rescue you when you need them most, with a burst of light."
Mole just shook his head. He didn't believe.
"And Walmart?" Mole asked.
"Walmart is a place where all your dreams come true. It's got everything you could ever want."
"Sounds like paradise. When can we go?" said the excited mole
"We can hop on the next Walmart delivery truck that comes by," said the mouse. "I usually see at least one per day stop at the big orange house next door to us."
The next day, Mole and Bob waited patiently by the orange house until the big Walmart truck pulled up. They hopped on one of the hubcaps of the truck and spun in circles the entire three miles to Walmart. Both animals were nauseous when they arrived at the store. They bumped into everything in sight on their way into the store because they were still so dizzy. As soon as the entered through the automatic door, both Mole and Bob knew that this was to be their new home.

They would never want to leave! Walmart had everything they ever wanted in life............................... except for one thing.

"Do you think they have hot air balloons here?" Bob the mouse asked the next morning.
"Why would you want a hot air balloon?" replied Mole.
"I want to see the world and it seems like the best way to see the world is from above. An airplane is too fast. A helicopter is too scary. But a hot air balloon ... that's the way to travel."
Mole looked at mouse and thought the rodent was going a bit nutty.
"Well, this is Walmart, so let's look around, mouse," and the friends began scrambling up and down the rows in search of a hot air balloon.

They got tired of looking so they asked a sales person. The sales person said they were in aisle 1,000,000,000,000,000. So they went to that aisle.They found them. They got a pink one because pink is cool.

They were wondering how to inflate the pink hot air balloon when Bob noticed a little sign on the side. It said, "push here to inflate," and so Mole pushed it and the balloon opened up with a large zooop sound. Mole looked at Bob. On the side of the balloon was a large picture of a blue spaceship.
"I think we should have waited to push the button until we were outside," Mole said, and Bob nodded. Then Bob pointed to another button on the other side of the balloon basket. This button had a sign that said, "push here to release air," and Mole pushed it, and with a whooosh, the pink balloon lost all of its air.
"Good going, Bob," said Mole, and the two began to drag the balloon outdoors.

As Bob and Mr.Mole were dragging the hot air balloon outside all of a sudden Bob was gone. Mr. Mole started looking around and he heard Bop yelling "HELP! HELP!". Then Mr. Mole looked into a sewer drain and he saw the mouse down in a hole in the ground. Mr.Mole jumped through the hole in the sewer drain.
"Are you O.K?" asked Mr.Mole.
"Yes," said Bob.
There was a stick floating by so they grabbed on to it.Then they heard a loud growl.So they turned around and saw a big green thing . It was an alligator! Help! Help!

Bob began to swim as fast as he could but it was no use. In a second, with a giant gulp, the alligator gulped Bob down, and then ... as Mole was watching, the alligator burped Bob right back up. Mole thought to himself, if ever we could use the help of a Magical Wombat, it was now.
"Ugg," said the alligator. "You don't taste good. Too sweet."
The mouse looked surprised.
"Well, thanks a lot. And next time, try to brush your teeth. It's not too pleasant in there, either."
The alligator laughed and took off down the sewer as Bob climbed back up to the surface, with Mole's help.
"That was close," Mole said.
"You bet it was," said Bob. "Good thing I had a Magical Wombat looking out for me."
Mole just shook his head again, still not believing.
The two began to assemble the hot air balloon again and when it was ready, they jumped into the little basket and the balloon began to lift up off the ground.
"Umm, Mole," asked Bob.
"We're flying, right?"
"How will we get down again?"
"HOW will we get down again? When we are done flying?"
Mole looked at Bob, and then down at the ground.
"I don't ..." Mole didn't finish his thoughts because it was just at that moment that the biggest cloud of geese they ever saw came out of a cloud and began moving towards the balloon.
"Incoming geese!" said Mole.
"Oh no what are we going to do?" asked Bob.
"I dont know, let me think," said Mole.
"I know, I'll just turn up the hot air in the balloon!" said Mole.
"genius!" said Bob.
Just then Mole turned up the hot air when the geese were in front of them, and just missed the geese.

As Mole and Bob were floating up into the air a sudden gust of wind came and blew the hot air balloon out of control. When they looked in front of them again they saw an airplane flying right towards them. Another gust of wind came and blew them out of the way, but they lost so much control thet they fell out of the hot air balloon on a trampoline.
When they stopped bouncing Mole asked, "Are you okay."
Bob replied, "yah."
When they finally stopped bouncing and got off the trampoline Mole asked, "Where are we?"
Bob answered, "At the home of a human."

As soon as Mole finished that sentence, a net came swooping down and grabbed the two animals. A little girl's laugh cut through the air. "Bwahhh-hahhhh-hahhhh. Lookie here. Some new pets. Just what I wanted. A mouse and, ugggg, a mole? Yuck. I don't want a mole," the little girl said, and Mole felt some hands reach in, grab him by his tail and the next thing he knew, he was soaring through the air. He landed with a thud on a compost pile. He slowly slid down on a pile of rotten banana peels.

Mole gathered himself, wiping off the banana mush, and looked towards the house. A little girl, with a bright pink ribbon in her hair, was taking Mouse into the house. Mouse was staring at Mole from inside the net and he could hear the shrieks of his friend, shouting: "Help! Help! Helppppppppp! Mole! Magical Wombat! Helpppp"
Mole ran as fast as his short little legs would carry him but the door slammed shut before he could get into the house. He scrambled up a few windows to look inside, and finally discovered the room where the little girl was. She was dumping mouse into a clear plastic container and then she popped a top on it. Mole looked around. There were about four other containers and three contained some creature. A snake. A frog. Another mouse. The last container had some strange green liquid in it and was marked "dangerous."

The girl was singing to herself. "I got a mouse. I got a mouse." She danced around the room and almost kicked over the container with Bob in it. Mole could see Bob tumbling over and over. Then she bent down to the floor and looked right at him. "Oh, you are so cute and cuddly." She turned to the snake. "Isn't he cute and cuddly?" The snake replied by spitting out its long tongue.

Mole looked around. He had to free his small rodent friend, but how?
That night Mr.Mole was thinking of a plan. "How can I help him? How can I help him?"
Suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Oh! Hello Mr. Mole. I’ve heard a lot about you from the Magical Wombats. Well, how may I help you?” replied a Little Mouse, who had come up through a hole in the ground.
“Can you help me find my friend?” asked Mr. Mole. "He's a mouse, too, who is trapped inside."
“Sure I can. I know just the way, but first, we'll need some help,” said Little Mouse.
Little Mouse led Mr. Mole to the town dump and started to look around. Suddenly, yet another mouse popped up behind a can of Cola. He looked like he was wearing a pair of overalls, but they looked awful tiny.
“ Oh! Hello Little Mouse! I see you have a visitor,” said the other mouse, eyeing Mr. Mole in a curious way.
“Oops! I forgot! Mr. Mole, meet Garb Age. He lives here in the town dump. He knows where everything is.” Said Little Mouse.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Age,” said Mr. Mole.
“Same here,” replied Garb.
Mr. Mole explained that he wanted to rescue his friend from the little girl's house. Garb thought for a moment.
“I see. I know just the thing, follow me,” said Garb.
Garb led Mr. Mole and Little Mouse to a little pile containing many colorful ornaments that looked like they were leftovers from Halloween. There were costumes of all sorts of strange creatures, including one of a giant mouse with red eyes and a foaming mouth.
“Oh wonderful!” Replied Mr. mole delighted. "I can dress up like a monster and scare that little girl into giving me back my friend. What a great idea!"

Mole put the costume on and went scurrying back to the house to rescue his friend.
Mole pushed open the door with all of his might and scampered over to the little girl.
"ROAR!!!!" Mole screamed with all of his might, although to the little girl it was nothing more than a little "roar."
"Hey, look, a rabid vicious mouse. He is sooo cute! Oh look he even has creepy glowing green eyes." She picked Mole up and reached for an empty container just like the one that Bob was in.
Just then, a Magical Wombat from North Dakota appeared. Bob squeaked and hopped around his container. Mole just stared. It was true, Mole thought. There IS such thing as a Magical Wombat.
"Ooogggaaaddaabbbooggaaadddaaaaaa," the Magical Wombat yelled with a powerful voice, and pointed its finger over to the container with green liquid that was marked "Dangerous.". Suddenly the whole world burst into bright green light. Everyone covered their eyes except for the wombat, whose name was Billy Billy Bannana Fana Fo Filly.
Mouse and Mole felt themselves being lifted into the sky. It was as if they were surfing on a green cloud.
"What just happened?" asked Mouse.
"I don't know," answered Mole. "But I think we were just rescued by a Magical Wombat."
"I told you! I told you magical wombats existed," said Mouse.
"I know, I know," Mole said, "Now I believe."
The two friends floated off to Planet Walmart, which somewhere north of Pluto. They all lived happily ever after, except for the little girl, who was magically shrunk down to the size of a penny and forced to spend the rest of her days running away from snakes, spiders and rodents.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!