We are interested in learning more about your experiences in participating in a modified Collaborative ABC Project and how you might be able to use the experience to create your own learning community. Please use this wiki to share any ideas or thoughts you might have in moving forward with this concept.
Thank you!
Kevin and Bonnie

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Kevin & Bonnie,
The idea of a random letter that prompts a narrative reflection is great. I enjoyed the process, and I'll definitely show the project to some of the english teachers in our building. I love the ability for a wiki and voicethread or other tool to make a dauntingly large task manageable AND collective. It may be a little more daunting to set one up for using with kids - I'm sure there was a ton of pre-work that you did to get it to the point we could just jump in and make something in a short period of time. Do you have a pdf or something of the steps from that perspective? I'm enjoying trying new tools as I wend my way through the vast amount of information presented in the 2007 K12online conference. Thanks for your session! -- Sarah