Connecting to the World

Connecting to the World
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  • Why connect with the world?
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  • A tour of Blogs
  • What is social networking?

  • A brief tour of some networks:
    • Rolling on the River - An educational resource for the interdisciplinary study of water; collaboration opportunities.
    • Teacher Content - A network of teachers using technology to teach content
    • Art Snacks- Teaching Art
    • Vidsnacks: Video training for teachers wishing to incorporate video into their lessons.
    • Big Dog Science - eighth grade science class network for student collaboration on chemistry projects
    • The Global Cooling Collective - Planning World Concerts, Creating World Change, Empowering Global Youths
    • Maine Holocaust Education Network - We are a group of educators and students sharing and collaborating with each other in order to understand the Holocaust and work towards preventing future holocausts, genocides, and other human rights atrocities.
    • EFL Classroom 2.0– English as a Foreign Language
    • TeacherLibrarianNing - A community for teacher-librarians and other educators
    • Etools and Tips for Educators - Vocational e-learning and training
    • - A learning community where teachers and students share educational podcasts, videos, and discussion to improve learning in school subjects
Now, you give it a try
  • Classroom 2.0
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    • Use the Introduction Forum to introduce yourself
    • Comment on at least two posts on the front page (called ‘forums’)
    • Make “friends” with at least two other teachers
      • Here is Kevin Hodgson’s page — say hello
      • When you click on a person’s icon, it brings you to their page. Then, select
Explore the use of collaboration across the curriculum by using the search component (in the upper right corner of the Classroom 2.0 homepage). Anything interesting?