This was a collaborative story done in December 2005 by sixth grade students in Southampton, Massachusetts.

The Mole in the Hole
Started by Mr. H
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There was a time when the mole did not love his little hole. It had been nothing more than a simple cave of mud walls and that was it. But Mr. Mole, who had known mud walls of his life, was looking for something different. He wanted to spruce up his little mole home. He wanted to be different from all the other moles in his neighborhood. But how should he do that?
It just so happened that one day, while searching around for some fat juicy slugs, that Mr. Mole ran into a tiny mouse named Charlie, and that presented Mr. Mole with an opportunity. After all, mice can sneak around almost anywhere and they can surely steal some human things. Maybe this little mouse might have something that Mr. Mole could put in his hole.
"Little mouse," Mr. Mole began... The little mouse tried to run away.
"Wait!" yelled Mr. Mole, "I have an offer!"
"What do you want?" the little mouse asked.
"I was wondering if you could help me steal things for my home."
"What's in it for me?"
"Uhhh...what's in it for you, uhhhh, ok you get to own a time share on my renovated hovel-I mean home," replied the mole."
"Ok", replied the mouse,"But, only if my extended family can come too."
Mr. Mole thought about it, "Ok, I guess." and, also he thought ,how much trouble could a couple of mice be?

The next day the mouse came in a black suit. He said "first stop Butternut Squash's House." On the way there, the mouse told Mr. Mole the plans for breaking into her house.
"First I was going to go knock on her door and try to sell her some tomatoes while the other mouse snuck out back and steals her television along with some of her children's toys."
It didn't seem right stealing from the children but the mouse wanted the toys for his cousins.
The mouse, however, had not counted on the famous detective, Sherly Homes, noticing something strange going on with the mouse family the night before. Shirley Homes, who took on any case whether asked to do so or not, was determined to get to the bottom of this story. So she was following behind Mouse, ducking behind trees to remain unseen. So far, so good, she thought, and then watched as the mouse knocked on the door.
Nobody came to the door at first, but then a strange looking human finally emerged. He looked around curiously noticing no sign of life because the mouse was so small. After a minute or two of the man suspicously looking around and yelling out hello or anybody he went back inside. The mouse had tried to catch his attention while he was out there but whatever he did whether it be yelling or jumping up and down waving his arms he couldn't.
"I'll have to find another way in," the mouse thought to himself.
"Echo, Echo 49er. This is red mouse 3 calling from the front door of the house. It's not going to work the way I thought it was. The new plan is; I'm going to knock on the door again and when he opens the door I will sneak in and make my way towards the GOODS. Once I get in I'll give you a call and that's when you make your way in. O.k. OVER."

The mouse knocked on the door and once again the strange human appeared. The mouse made his move skillfully make sure not to get to close to his feet. Now it was the mad dash. The mouse ran quickly and made it to a safe spot to make the call.
"Echo 49? I have made it to the Bathroom. Only 1 room to the kitchen I am going to need Back-up, over?"
"I hear you Red Mouse. We have got the secret formula, over."
Let the games begin.

Mr. Mole was waiting axiously back in his hole he was wondering if only one little mouse could steal all the stuff needed for him. Being nice, he went to the bushes by the door and watched. There was no movement for awhile and he thought that something terribly wrong must have gone on. He could just hear the sounds of a radio distress call.

"GAHH! ECHO 49, ECHO 49! I'm pinned by the cat, I repeat -- I'm pinned by the cat. Calling all reinforcements. SOS, SOS, I have a wife and kids to go home to, please help." Just then the radio comm. went down in a bunch of wild crackling.
" What have I done?' the mole asked himself, I'm a cold blooded killer. I sent my poor mouse on a suicide mission. OH NO!"

Mr. Mole started to hyperventilate.. "I must go save the mouse!" He ran to the house and saw the mouse helplessly struggleing under the cat's evil grasp.
"Don't worry, I will save you!" yelled the mole.
The mole didn't have to do anything because then a loud sound was heard! The cat ran away quickly and the mole and mouse stood paralyzed in fear.
Someone was coming!

Shirley Homes, the famous detective, had been wondering about all of the commotion and now she had come to investigate. It was a strange scene, all right. A human home. A mouse pinned by the cat. A bunch of human stuff all over the ground. And now, a mole emerging from its hole and running (as fast as a fat mole could run) towards the house, yelling out something about saving the mouse.
Since when are mice and moles friends, she thought?
That's when all the animals had heard it: the stomping of human feet, the worst sound possible to a wild animal. Even the cat froze for a second, and than ran, which was just enough time for the mouse to wiggle free and make a mad dash for the door. He almost made it when the door slammed shut. The mouse was on one side, and the mole and Shirley Homes were on the other.
"Well," the mole said, out of breath. "What now?"
'Let's go the other way and see if that silly human that wants to kill us.' said the mole.'
'Ok',said the shirley Homes. "Let's make a run for it 1...2...3... RUN!"
On the count of three, they ran as fast as they could. they ran under the porch, through the garden.
Even when they made their way through the garden, they did not stop running, afraid for their lives. When they finally looked back, no one was there.They stopped and laughed, but then started panting. Dropping to the ground, still laughing, but still scared, they heard the brushing of something moving through the grass of the garden
They looked into the grass....then they saw it! A giant ostrich!
"Ahh!" they screamed!
They ran as fast as they could and finally made it to a tree and climbed up to where the ostrich couldn't reach them. They were out of breath from running so much so they say on the branch. Happy with their escape, they started making faces at it. Then they heard something even scarier than any giant ostrich..a

A, giant chainsaw with a cat holding it.
"Oh no! The cat must have called his friend! we better get down from here!" Mr. Mole said. They jumped out of the tree and jumped over the fence. The cat ran after them holding the chainsaw and screaming. They ran till they saw a small hole in a tree and crawled in it.
"I think we're saved," Mr. Mole said. then they looked behind them and saw two big, half red, half yellow, eyes.
"What now!" Yelled Mr. Mole.
A hand reached in and offered ... a flower. Mouse and Mole and Shirley Homes looked at each other.
"Just kidding. I didn't scare you, did I?" asked the cat, almost purring. "I just wanted to say hello."
Mr. Mole gulped.
"What about the chainsaw?" he asked.
"Oh that? My human wanted me to take care of some branches that fell during the storm. That's all."
The mouse took the flower and smelled it.
"Nice," he said, and then, he passed it to Mr. Mole.
"For your house," Mouse said.
Mr. Mole laughed again.
"All this for a flower?" and the animals walked back towards the human house, talking about ostriches and cats and mole holes.

The End!