The Crazy Collaborative Dictionary for the Sixth Grade at Norris School

As part of our study of word origins in the English language, students had to invent a few of their own words that could someday be included in a real dictionary -- see Frindle by Andrew Clements for inspiration.This dictionary is actually the result of sixth grade students from 2005, 2006 and now 2007. This year, we also added audiocasting to our dictionary so you can listen to the voices of the inventors of words.

(The words here are from the book Frindle)


Adufalufagin – a type of butter (2005)

Aheolaphoalamprosolpooslopeleroadeasoloper – very small dog (2005)

Ahsatan – the act of dreaming (2006)

Antiphonism – the act of being against phones. (2006)

Alfergno-The act of eating pasta.(2007) Listen to the definition

Ashoush-Shuting someone up when what you have to say is much more important.(2007) Listen to the definition


Babaloups – lack of control (2005)

Balop – a popped balloon with a string (2006)

Besnewkenyfaleblaboozleflogincalenhimeyenelkeneryalsher-A person who talks a lot (2007) Listen to the definition

Blankadoodle – a blank piece of paper (2006)

Blobom – clothing (2005)

Bloke - a person who is acting silly or being wierd (2007) Listen to the definition

Blunum- A disease when you feel num all over (2007) Listen to the definition

Blurk – to burp while talking (2005)

Bock – making a weird sound (2005)

Bogest – part orge/part beast (2005)

BOJ - Avery light substace (2007) Listen to the definition

Boogylonga – the act of dancing crazily in front of a large crowd. (2006)

Brop -- talking non-stop (2005)

Brubble – a bubble suit that lets you jump high and far (2005)

Bugaslug – The residue from a squashed spider (2006)

Bzeeb – the act of being cool. (2006)


Canese – a cough and a sneeze all at the same time. (2006)

Caprating – a special dance (2006)

Chiggle -a dog that's not fully grown (2007) Listen to the definition

Chowchow -- hay (2006)

Chubywaby – to see or to be with a fat person (2006)

Ci – to pretend to be interesting (2005)

Cilpen -- having too many pens and pencils. (2007)

Cisum – tunes that people listen to for entertainment (2005)

Clandna – the act of constantly forgetting where you are. (2006)

Clownophobia-having an extensive fear of clowns(2007) Listen to the definition

Clugl- something you drink out of.(2007) Listen to the definition

Colorfuller – when trees turn orange (2005)

Crayhome – to write on the walls of your house (2006)


Dargen- the act of being hyper (2007) Listen to the definition

Delovely – delightful and lovely at the same time (2006)

donka - Tape that dosen't stick (2007) Listen to the definition

Dribydrity – spilling food all over the front of yourself (2005)

Drow – being asked a question you can’t answer (2005)

Dulope – an elevator that talks (2005)

Dym – to enjoy what you are doing (2005)

Dynamicroscopicsilicovovolcanogin – Any powerful cures tending to or involving inhaling microscopic silica dust thrown by a volcano. (2006)


Eaothyn – a big animal with horns that eats only people, cows and lemons (2005)

Ecnad – someone who lives for dancing (2006)

Elah -the act of finding a shoe (2007) Listen to the definition

Eledoodle – an animal like an elephant that fits in your pocket and doodles with its trunk and talk (2005)

Elppa – an apple (2005)

Erutcip – spending a lot of time drawing (2006)

Esava - a shuriken (2007) Listen to the definition


Feboafapafipaflapaflorbo -a large creature of great power (2007) Listen to the definition

Fedge:a small mouse like creature (2007) Listen to the definition

Fegg -- A type of tree that has average height of 200 feet. (2007) Listen to the definition

Feelcircle – a place where people sit in a circle and share their feelings (2005)

Fike – an animal that resembles a goat (2005)

Fishgold -The act of eating a really lot (2007) Listen to the definition

Fishyish -- something that looks like or acts like a fish. (2006)

Flabagaber – nonsense or bad luck, or an expression of anger (2006)

Flipaniary – the act of wanting to flip. (2006)

flugin-a word you say when your confused you say it and it will fix everything.(2007) Listen to the definition

Fluglemunph – a stink bug (2005)

fluffpuff- A small, fluffball-like (2007) Listen to the definition

Flurble – the act of running into walls, doors or windows (2006)

Foughtle-fat people,animals,or things that waddle when they walk (2007) Listen to the definition

Frilocity- Loving French Fries (2007) Listen to the definition

Fuzzle - Being very fluffy, cute, and cuddly! (2007) Listen to the definition

Furzzles -- To be very excited and energetic. Listen to the definition

Foob – liquidized solid foods, primarily for the elderly or young. (2006)


Game Potato – Playing video games for a very long time. (2006)

Gasioli – an awkward and strange type of pasta that makes the consumer pass gas uncontrollably (2005)

Grasive – when a student is stubborn, fails or thinks they are “all that” (2005)

Guarb - A big fat elephant with a small trunk. (2007) Listen to the definition


Haras – to never stop talking (2005)

Henyiack-a hen that can talk (2007) Listen to the definition

Hexcitement – a mixture of emotions consisting of happiness and excitement (2006)

Hicome – when someone wants to say hello to you (2006)

Hober – being really stupid (2005)

Homebot – a robot that can do everything at the house for you. (2006)

Hoofet – a large-footed animal with hooves (2005)

Humperdoodle – the act of falling into a volcano and turning into your mother with no friends (2005)

Hypercat – a cat that is truly hyper and very energetic (2006)

hyperpsychology - The study of hyper minds. (2007) Listen to the definition

Hyperscriptpsychology-The study of excitedly writing about the mind and soul.(2007) Listen to the definition


Intie – a small version of the Internet (2006)

Irtrac - a car as big as three cars and it has 12 wheels (2007) Listen to the definition

Ishtard - a very stupid person (2007) Listen to the definition

Itknap -- A blanket made out of llama and rabbit fur. (2007) Listen to the definition

Ittefnoc- very rude or impulsive (2007) Listen to the definition


Jibber – the act of talking a lot, too much.(2006)

jorb- a meaning of sarcasm (2007) Listen to the definition


Kabooper-the act of falling (2007) Listen to the definition

Kcaj – a very fatty food. (2006)

Kidmoney – money for kids (2005)

klat- a strange type of monkey (2007) Listen to the definition

Knlarlt – to let out gas through your nose (2005)

koolio - a person that is acting spunky (2007) Listen to the definition

Krowemohbot- A robot that does your homework for you (2007) Listen to the definition


Lamma – a mix of llama and cow and camel (2005)

Leachim – a release of gas (2006)

Leoj – a twin (2005)

Lencar – very clumsy and stupid person (2005)

Ligels – species of animal with wings, two feet and which are 600 years old (2005)

Ligger-A lion and a tiger mixed that hops (2007) Listen to the definition

Llostrig – a very large gob of a squishy object (2006)

Liralos- the reflection of a solar eclipse (2007) Listen to the definition

Lolet – a robot that does your homework (2005)

Lollyclusspin – to have a feeling for insects. (2006)

Loodow -- The acto of looking out the window. (2007)

Lordio – a person who is obsessed with happy colors. (2006)

Lorper-A giant peice of paper made up of two different colors. (2006)

Lowbedding – laying under your bed (2005)

Lumpergumper – meaningless words (2005)

Lupa – small person in an orange seat who rolls in a bubble (2005)

Luzzup-A very difficult puzzle (2007) Listen to the definition


Madagram – very skilled (2005)

Mazology- The sudy of crazy out of control rabbits often infected with rabies. (2007) Listen to the definition

Merp- a sound that a cat or kitten would make. (2007) Listen to the definition

merpig- a mythical combination of a mermaid and a pig (2007) Listen to the definition

Milizolagraph – a very confusing graph or picture (2006)

Mofpof – your own little thinking space (2006)

Moloctive – a moldy sandwich (2005)

Monpedification: to suffer from having only one foot. (2006)

Mutnuck – a person who is self-centered and who cares about nothing but food (2005)

Microphonology-The study of tiny sounds.(2007) Listen to the definition

Midna- a mad wolf (2007) Listen to the definition


Nace- to cry in a weird or annoying voice (2007)

Nave – meaning or having a dent in your hair (2005)

Nawa – cute, cuddly creature (2005)

Neb – a small groove (2006)

Neroges – to insult without swearing (2005)

Nire – an act of being kind (2006)

Nockel- to have a freckle on your nose (2007) Listen to the definition

Nobelean- A disease that is often seen in infants. It's when you get purple spots and can't sleep. Symptoms of this are a runny nose, sunburn and coughing. (2006)

Nyrthak- A super soft cookie stuffed with nuts,chocolate chunks,and peanut butter.(2007) Listen to the definition


Octivia – to have very good eyesight (2005)


Parahyperic – a person sick with abnormal excited behavior (2006)

Pataring – the act of being very clumsy while running, skipping, dancing or flying (2006)

Pendal – another word for pen holder. (2006)

Penzailfrockside - The gas you get from the side of a frog. (2007) Listen to the definition

Phlap – to tickle someone or something while laughing (2005)

Pimip- A word that means awesome, cool, and amazing(2007) Listen to the definition

Pinataish -- A feeling that relates to being hit like a pinata. (2006)

Polymicrogeobibliology- Study of many small earth books.(2007) Listen to the definition

Pontora – a fitted ski-type hat fully rimmed which is worn slightly tilted to one side and comes in all colors (2006)

Prettiful – pretty and beautiful (2005)

prndl- The meaning of park, reverse,neutral, drive, and low gear (2007) Listen to the definition

Puptic: the act of being way too cute for a puppy (2006)


Quept – to breathe deeply (2005)

Quinkiedink – the same as someone or the same thought as someone else. (2006)


Racem – a small tape that goes into a big tape to plan an old tape (2005)

Recnad- one of the best dancers (2007) Listen to the definition

Repap- the act of throwing tofu (2007) Listen to the definition

Repsychism - The act of reliving the same day over and over again in your mind. (2007) Listen to the definition

Reptillian - To look or act as a reptile (2007) Listen to the definition

Rizzle - a pie that contains all the fruit flavors (2007) Listen to the definition

Rockadoole – a musical instrument that is in the form of a rock (2006)


Sacross – soccer with lacrosse sticks (2005)

Sguglepuggle – stuffed animal that is alive and soft as the clouds (2005)

Shakeamabob- When you shake up a soda and then open it so it explodes(2007) Listen to the definition

Shavanto- homework (2007) Listen to the definition

Shloogenhimer – riding an animal (2005)

Shusam – the act of burping and hiccupping at the same time (2005)

Sinverdabal – able to do 50 acrobatical things in a short time (2006)

Sketchadidnike – a type of shoe that massages your feet (2005)

Sloop-the remaining crusted soup in the bottom of a bowl.(2007) Listen to the definition

Smada – a person who is on the computer 24-7 (2006)

Smilelicous-The act of smileing a lot (2007) Listen to the definition

Smockodudlydue – to attack another person (2005)

Snailail – to move very slowly (2006)

Snarb – a small animal with spikes all over it (2005)

Snubal – to sneeze unexpectedly (2005)

Snuffle – the paper that wrapped around a muffin (2005)

Songic – cool music (2006)

Soppy--- The act of talking way to much about yourself.(2007) Listen to the definition

Spars - sport cars that are very slow (2007) Listen to the definition

Spatar-a musical instrament with spaghetti as strings(2007) Listen to the definition

Sporm- A swarm of bees (2007) Listen to the definition


Tilcted -- When you suddenly fall without tripping. (2007)

Tixe – the opposite of leaving or exiting; entering (2006)

Trichair – a chair with three legs. (2006)

Tobbeld – to be puzzle or confused (2006)

Toc – a furry animal with a long tail (2006)

Toty – the act of being scared (2006)

Trabled – being with something solid on the outside, but liquid on the inside (2005)

Trosh – very long, the opposite of short (2006)

Trymon – to lose horribly in sports (2005)

Tublebob – a bathtub (2005)


Uglish- The act of having no idea what's going on (2006)


veen-the state of being mad at yourself for no reason (2007) Listen to the definition

Vilo – a box that delivers moving images to your home (2005)


wordieworder - a person who uses large words in there vocabulary [2007] Listen to the definition

Willy – a little kid from Australia (2005)

Woodoo – a weird kid (2005)

Wriceieth – school or the act of being in school (2006)

Writhing – to be intensely cool, often when seeing something revolting (2006)

Wuny – when you are brave and stupid at the same time (2005)


Xoblin – south American food made out of cheese and eggs (2005)


Yartor- A lawnmower that has hands to cut grass (2006)

Ydna – a triple-coated chocolate cake, often used for dessert. (2006)

Yeliah – the act of disobeying the law (2006)

Yensid – to blabber loudly (2005)

Yknuf – a flying animal that lives in a striped box (2005)

yrots- When you shop too much (2007) Listen to the definition

Yrrek – act of being crazy (2005)


Zciwohcalism – the act of looking at the ceiling when thinking hard about something. (2006)

Zil – the act of sticking your face in a cake. (2006)

zooff - someone or something moving very very very fast. (2007) Listen to the definition

Zummer -- To go so fast that no one in the world can see you but your own imagination Listen to the definition

The Sixth Grade Writers at Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts thank you for reading and listening. Please use some of our words in your everyday speech so that they will make their way into the dictionary.
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