Flicka, Flicka, Zoom, Zoom

(with humble apologies to Bill Martin Jr., writer of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)

A told


and B told C

“What kind of story will you share with me?”

D , E ,


and tag-along G

They all jumped up into the video tree

and asked with excitement about

H and I

who brought along footage that captures their lives

And J whispered to K ,

and K to L and M

that there is no beginning here, and no middle, and no end

Just one long story, to be mashed up into a show

But there is an N sitting with

its best friend O

and P , and Q ,

and R all share in the glory.

Little bits of pieces of photos, voice and story

all brought together by the collective mind

Where S is something special

and T is something fine,

And U remains safe and sound, waiting on the ground,

and standing right in between is courageous letter V ,

while into the screen steps their friends:

W , X ,

Y , and Z .

Flicka, Flicka, Zoom, Zoom, what will be created?

Something new, something strange, something integrated

with all the worlds of the Web and tapping our experiences;

We find our way into this room, regardless of our differences,

to share tale, to lend an ear, to write from within our heart,

and piece us back together as a place from which we start

to understand, to comprehend, to move beyond the text

and think about the way we think, and what can happen next.

A told B

and B told C

“What kind of story will you share with me?”