Welcome to the Workshop

Rational: Given the financial constraints and issues of access to meaningful technology, the Western Massachusetts Writing Project believes that educators can still utilize no-cost online tools for classroom instruction and student learning. Of course, sometimes "free" is not really free, particularly when it comes to advertising on such sites, or lack of technical support, or minimal applications. It's always good to be wary and knowledgeable about any site you use with your students.

Activity One:
  • Head to my Wallwisher
  • Add a "sticky note" that explains one way that you have used (or tried to use) technology with your students
  • I'll then walk you through how to use Wallwisher
  • We'll brainstorm ways you might be able to use a site like this for your classroom.

Activity Two:
  • Head to Make Beliefs Comics
  • Create a comic that makes fun of teaching (but be nice!)
  • I'll explain a bit about the world of webcomics
  • We'll brainstorm ways that you might use the site for classroom instruction.

Activity Three:
  • Head to (which is different than the public Glogster)
  • I'll give you a login and password to use.
  • Create a Glog about a favorite book or author or television show or movie.
  • I'll talk about what Glogster is and how to get set up your own site.

Virtual Exit Slip:
  • We'll use Wallwisher again.
  • Which tool could you see using your classroom and how would you use it?

(Extension Activities)

  • Head to Piclits
  • Choose an image and write a story
  • We'll brainstorm ways that you might use Piclits for writing and other subject areas.


  • Create a Search Story
  • Choose search terms, music and make a digital story

  • Use Voicethread to post some thoughts about a favorite book.
  • You can log in with my account: and I will provide you with the password.